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Quantum Biofeedback EPFX/Scio

We tested the Natto-LP on a Quantum Biofeedback Machine. Below are pictures of how the product tested. Each picture shows different organ systems and how the product affects those systems.

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We are a legitimate company that's out there providing health practitioners with top quality supplements to help their clients. Many of our health practitioners use Quantum Biofeedback/Scio machines to test supplements with their clients. Our Systemic (featured here) and Digestive enzymes beat any other companies products tested thus far.
Not a Gimmick or Sales Pitch

About the Quantum Biofeedback Machine

The Quantum Biofeedback machine works through sixteen different electrical factors of the body, calculates combinations of impedance, amperage, voltage, capacitance, inductance, and resistance for Electro-Physiological Reactivity (The Xrroid Process). The body is indeed electric; therefore reactivity in the body can be measured electrically. E-P Reactivity results are based upon the ability to establish a "Tri-Vector" connection for an energetic "3-Dimensional" view of the client's current reactions to over 10,000 different items.

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Once established, the Quantum Biofeedback auto-focus program, designed to monitor a client's reactions, helps optimize the quality and quantity of the stress reduction results. The techniques and methods of Quantum Biofeedback stress reduction include addressing areas those most typically affected by the stressors of "every-day living". Some examples of these methods and areas are the "tri-vector", "auto-meridian", "homeopathy", "auto-frequency", "auto-color", "auto-spinal", "chakra", and "EEG.

Free Samples for Testing


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Natto-LP Ingredient list

The pictures below are from a Quantum Biofeedback/Scio. The pictures list various organ systems. The organ systems are colored differently. The different colors represent how the product is interacting with that organ system.

White indicates that the product has a very positive impact on that organ system.

Purple indicates that the product has a positive influence on that organ system.

On the right side of the picture (middle right) shows the product name and the reactivity of the product for that person.

test pic

The picture above is of a 55 year old male

Natto-LP Pixie

The picture above is of a 43 year old female

Natto-LP Gigi

The picture above is of a 56 year old female

Natto-LP Jeff2

The picture above is of a 28 year old male

Product Comparison

Allegany Nutrition prices listed are the SUGGESTED retail price that we recommend that the health care practitioner sell them for. Listed Below are the main and most important enzymes in each product we believe to be for breaking down Fibrin, Protein, Fats, and Carbohydrates. Below is what each company's capsule contains for the enzymes that are listed on the chart, their are of course other enzymes in our product as well as the other company's. There is just not enough room, therefore we only list the main ingredients. The products on the bottom half of the chart are proprietary blends and they do not state the amounts of the ingredients in their product.

Note DU's and SKB's are equivalent. DU's are the newest terminology used by the FCC. Also note that when measuring Lipase activity that each FIP unit is up to 5 to 10 times more potent than when measuring Lipase activity in LU. If you would like another product added send us an empty bottle and the Retail Cost and we will add it to this chart. 6-23-08
Company Name
Product Name
Nattokinase (FU) Protease (HUT) Lipase (FIP) Peptidase (HUT) Amylase (DU) Retail Cost Cost per Capsule (ea.)
Allegany Nutrition
1,000 180,000 12,000 3,500
6,000 $64.00 (Sug. Retail)
120 capsules
1,000 16,000 600 X
3,600 $56.98
90 capsules
X 30,000 6,000 X
11,000 $43.98
120 capsules
Baseline Nutritionals
167 100,000 64 X
1,000 $49.95
90 capsules
1,000 16,000 600 X
3,600 $50.98
90 capsules
X 25,000 10,000 X
6,500 $40.98
60 capsules
800 10,000 500 X 2,000 $112.86
120 capsules
Enzymus Medical
? ? ? ? ? $54.99
90 capsules
? ? ? ? ? $39.50
90 capsules
World Nutrition Vitalzym SEB ? ? ? ?
? $130
300 capsules
Generation Plus
? ? ? ? ? $125.99
300 capsules
Anti-Inflammatory Formula
? ? ? ? ? $49.75
120 capsules
Club Natural
? ? X X X $39.99
90 capsules

Fibrin & Cholesterol Ring

How to compare different companies Systemic Enzymes:

Our systemic enzyme formulations are listed in units of activity. The potency of a systemic enzyme product is determined by the units of activity. The units of activity express the strength of the enzymes in the formulation. Another way to say this is that the more units of activity in a formulation, the more it is capable of breaking down. Units of activity are based on the Food Chemical Codex (FCC), Academy of Sciences and accepted by the American Food Industry. For example, the amount of Protease in the Natto-LP is 180,000 HUT. This means that each capsule has 180,000 units of activity. Using these units of activity to compare different systemic enzymes is crucial. The units of activity in a product are what counts, not the number of milligrams or another measuring system. What’s important is the amount of the product is capable of breaking down. When comparing our product with others, and they don’t use the Food Chemical Codex (FCC), it’s almost impossible to compare the two products. So when using other products that don’t use the Food Chemical Codex, ask them what is the activity level equivalent to the Food Chemical Codex. It is impossible to compare proprietary blend products to any other. A proprietary blend is a mixture of the ingredients stated in the blend.

Erythrocyte Aggregation

The only thing the proprietary blend product states is the total amount of blend. They don’t state the amount of each ingredient or its activity level. Therefore, you don’t know what the activity level of each enzyme is, and this is the only measurement that is used when the supplier sells to the manufacturer for encapsulating the enzyme. For example, the ingredient supplier of the enzyme can sell 250mg that would equal 25,000 FCC/HUT of protease enzyme, or 250mg that would equal 150,000 FCC/HUT of protease enzyme. In this example there is a 6 time difference in the amount of enzyme strength.

Bacteria in Blood

This is how some nutritional companies might mislead their customers in order to increase their profit margin. They may use lower cost ingredients, and formulate a product with weaker/lower activity enzymes and label the product as a proprietary blend or list the ingredients individually in mg. So when considering to buy a product that states a proprietary blend or ingredients listed in mg, ask for a copy of the certificate of analysis that comes from the lab. Don’t let yourself be misled by a company using different terminology. Always know the quality/activity level of each ingredient in the product. Take a look for yourself and see how our product stands up next to others sold nationwide. We don’t mislead our customers.


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